domenica 6 marzo 2011


(Foto Marcella Milani)


Vamp boot yellow EJECT

Multy boot red EJECT

Pedula montagna con tacco "FRESH" by REPLAY FOOTWEAR
Pedula montagna con heel "FRESH" by REPLAY FOOTWEAR

IRON FIRST brand distribution United Sports

IRON FIRST brands distribution United Sports

Le scarpe sono state realizzate, prodotte e distribuite in Brasile e in tutto il mondo
The shoes are designed,produced and distributed through different channels in Brasil and worldwide

KRON by KRONKRON Iceland Label All shoes handmade in Spain.

 Kron by KRONKRON collezione include anche scarpe e abbigliamento
Kron by KRONKRON collection currently includes shoes and clothing

 MINNA PARRIKA è già internazionalmente famosa per scarpe e accessori. Le scarpe della nota stilista che vive a Helsinki, sono già state indossate in tutto il mondo da personaggi famosi come LADY GAGA, PALOMA FAITH e BETH DITTO dal mondo del GOSSIP.
MINNA PARRIKA is a internationally acclaimed shoe and accessory brand.This Helsinki based designer's accessoires have graced the feet and bodies of women all over the world,includng LADY GAGA, PALOMA FAITH and BETH DITTO from the GOSSIP.

26 artisti interpretano la calzatura e la gamba femminile attraverso un'installazione di pop art
26 artists bring forth the image of the female leg and the footwear through a creation of popart.

Luigi Bona - Cenerentola in una notte da favola
Luigi Bona - Cindarella in a fairytale evening

Letterio Riso - Scomposizione plastica,seducente ricomposizione a tre gusti
Letterio Riso - Plastic dissection, and re-arrangement with three flavours
Mario Tavernaro - Bottone gustativo
Mario Tavernaro - Flavoured button

Ketra - Killeg

Bryan Blake by STRATEGIA

AMARANTI antipioggia galoche pvc trasparente + swarovski 
 AMARANTI  pvc trasparent wellington boots + swarovski

AMARANTI stivale in pelliccia mongolia nero + cavigliere con strass
AMARANTI black mongolian fur boots + strass ankle chain

I'm wearing :

fake leather shorts  ASOS
necklace watch  bought in London


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Pure art! :)

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