giovedì 6 ottobre 2011


Manos Samartzis Art Director/ Fashion consulting / styling

Nakedbutsafe is a guide, not just for a “better” way of living, but eventually for the only way left. Sure “they” can take away your “time” at the golf club, and book all the best spots at the marinas in St Tropez, but they cannot take away from you your choice to live your life with integrity and a somehow more intellectually fulfilled target. We won’t just present you luxury items here. Sure, some ads will. And that is ok. But we won’t make you feel like you “missed” the bus of life because you don’t own a 100ft yacht. Here at Nakedbutsafe, we believe that “luxury” magazines are not only irrelevant in a moment of such serious global crisis (even if manmade and reversible), but also incredibly offensive for everyone who has too much “month” at the end of their salary. Nakedbutsafe is a guide to your emotional and spiritual enrichment. There is so much more out there than voluntary enslavement to consumerism..

Nakedbutsafe worlwide reach
UK, Greece, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, France,Finland, Germany, Holland, HongHong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, NewZealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal,Spain, Singapore,Sweden, Switzerland,Taiwan, & USA.

International distribution by:
Pineapple media
Nakedbutsafe Magazine Stratis-Beva LTD
Sofouli 40 Chanterclair BLDG,# 408,
1096 Nikosia, Cyprus.
Vat#10184826K, T.I.C#12184826M
Athens: +30 6944 583829
Milan: +39 392 6277629
New York: +1 917 3611344

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Anonimo ha detto...

Nuovo mensile,bimestrale,trimestrale fashion? Dovrebbero dedicarti un bello spazio con uno dei tuoi servizi must. (con osenza la loro post produzione)perchè tanto i tagli delle foto sono stupendi.A presto.ange

Bimbi ha detto...

Ciao Ange.. Nakedbutsafe e' semestrale... be', provero' a chiedere a Manos (il caso, pensa, l'abbiamo fotografato fuori dalla sfilata di Roccobarocco, gli ho lasciato il mio biglietto da visita, e lui ieri sera mi scrive a proposito del suo nuovo magazine, bello !! :-)) .. di dedicarmi uno spazio con uno dei nostri servizi ( a proposito, tra qualche giorno c sarq' quello nuovo :-) .. Grazie Ange, a presto.

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