sabato 31 marzo 2012


Corto Moltedo, for his Fall/Winter 2012-2013 collections, takes you into a space odyssey, and a stop by at an imaginary Texas saloon suspended in time. Cowgirls are having fun and a shimmering Chinese princess is walking around.
 Inspired by “Spaghetti Western” movies like “How the west was born”, and mixing it with futuristic shapes and designs, Corto Moltedo has created a bag collection using luxurious materials like python, ostrich and calf leather, and has chosen to decorate them with crystals, bronze shades and metallic garments.
Along their way to Corto’s saloon, cowgirls dip their evening clutches in stardust. This season, Corto Moltedo dresses his precious Susan with python, eel, and calf leather; mixes colors and ornates them with amazing embroidery. We find Crystals incrusted on light pink nappa, yellow lizard with shades of bronze, python graffiti with metallic pink hardware.
New models make their entrance in Corto’s line: The Corto Panier, a very clean and versatile design with two sided flaps, this satchel is the first soft leather bag from Corto Moltedo, it has two shoulder straps that allows you to wear it in many different lengths. Inspired by the design of bicycle postmen bags, the two compartments are separated and if you look in between, you’ll make a shout of surprise.
Edita is an elegant and sober calf pochette that recalls the cowboy’s satchel; it has a handle to wrap around your wrist. Edita comes in country colors like Cherokee red goat leather and Military green calf.
The collection also features a collaboration with the unconventional jewellery designer Yaz Bukey, Inspired by the Fall-Winter collection, she created a Plexiglas Cowboy boots keychain. Let you be tempted by a Rodeo ride in Corto’s universe.

Via Santo Spirito 14 - 20121 Milano

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